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Another thing, I notice that Eneb isn't question any of the male heroes. Not the unvetted farm boy that showed up out of the blue and has absolutely no training whatsoever, or the incompetent smuggler who initially wasn't even part of the death star raid and only hopped in at the last second.

No no, the one who gets her abilities questioned is the Princess who risked life and limb to steal the Death Star plans, whose quick thinking allowed the plans to escape being recaptured by Vader, and who resisted torture and SEEING HER OWN PLANET BLOWN UP IN FRONT OF HER* and still didn't sell out the rebels, and then pretty much took over the rescue operation because it was pretty fucking clear those two chuckle heads were dropping the ball in a huge way. No, she's the one who gets questioned.

*And I keep putting the planet thing in all caps because it needs to be emphasized. Grand Moff Tarkin didn't just threaten her by threatening to hurt her parents, or one of her fellow rebels, no no, he threatened her entire planet. A planet by the way, according to Wookiepedia, had a population of 2,000,000,000.

And even after she lied and gave him a bogus tip, fucker blew the planet up anyways, just to be an asshole. AND SHE STILL DIDN'T BREAK.

Honestly, I think Eneb may be a little jealous because Leia's clearly got more guts than any other rebel they got.
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