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A Rebel solider decides "spoiled and entitled" Princess Leia has to prove herself to be "ready" to take on the Empire. By demanding she execute a prisoner.

Darth Vader's secret ally, droid expert Dr. Aphra, has been captured and transferred to Sunspot Prison, where the Rebel Alliance keeps its prisoners.

While the princess is securing Dr. Aphra at Sunspot Prison, a mysterious invader has seized control of the facility and begins eliminating prisoners. Cornered, Leia and Sana Starro (who might be Han Solo's wife, they ever clear that up?) join forces with the doctor to release the inmates and spare them from an untimely death.

Princess Leia is offered an ultimatum. Kill Dr. Aphra or Han and Luke (both unconscious) will be killed. Sana is fine with that. And who is offering the ultimatum?



Artoo sets off an EMP that shuts off himself, Threepio and the artificial gravity.



Some of what Eneb is saying reminds me of a line from "Legacy of the Force: Inferno." Alema Rar curses out the One Sith Empire:

"Is that how this works? You train your Emperors and send them out into the galaxy on their own? No wonder all it took to bring Palpatine down was a farm boy and a self-absorbed princess!"


Aphra is freed by Leia and Sana via escape pod. It is hinted by Leia but not confirmed that Aphra and Sana were once "involved."



It is interesting that some rebels think Leia isn't "hard" enough to take on the Empire. Or at least Eneb thinks this, and he seems to be crazy.

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I really hope Aphra survives the Vader ongoing. She probably won't. But of ever since this new version of EU, of the new characters introduced not shown in the movie? Her and Kallus have been my favorite ones.


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