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Blackest Night

First time poster, so if I'm doing anything wrong please let me know. :)

Spoilers for Blackest Night #1.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl are discussing their ~destined~ relationship and Hawkgirl's refusal of it when, well, this happens:

*Not exactly dial-up friendly. Enter at your own risk.

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Ordinarily, I'd be right with you guys with the gore, the death, etc. However:

1) Johns brought him into this world, he can take him back, too.
2) Speaking of which, they'll be back. By next issue. :p Besides, the characters have the reincarnation gimmick, now. They get a "get out of Heaven" free card, similar to Phoenix, thanks to said gimmick.
3) Their power levels rise via DEATH? Oh, sh--!!
4) I actually like the motivation of the bad guys: they're hunting all the people that have come back to life. And boy, there've been a number of them.
5) His nose. Jesus christ, what's up with Ralph's nose. That's...that's NOT twitching. And I'm scared.

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their power rises via emotion. Scar took out a guardian heart but couldn't use it because guardians are emotionless. The dibney's register rage and love in the hawks before killing them

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Which would explain the difference in expression between Ralph and Sue when they absorb the hearts. Sue's face has a peaceful and comforted look, Ralph's even more ragey than he already looked.