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The return of Gail Simone's Spy Smasher

Remember Katarina Armstrong? She was the second Spy Smasher, appearing in Birds of Prey #100-108 (collected in the trades "Blood and Circuits" and "Dead of Winter," for those who are interested).

Katarina returned this week in Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape #3, written by Ivan Brandon and illustrated by Marco Rudy.

Gail, if you're reading this, do you have any plans on using Katarina again? It shouldn't be hard to restore her memory (if it isn't already restored by the end of the series), and it'd make sense that she'd be involved with the Department of Metahuman Affairs where Diana works.

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Interesting. So if one of those other options had been landed on, what would have happened? 'Escape' is pretty obvious, but what about 'Panic'? Would SS have gone mad with fear or something?