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Supplementary Tomorrow Woman post

Aside from what I've shown of Tomorrow Woman in my previous (not so mega) mega post

She's made two more cameo appearances that I hadn't included in my original post, one most people might have seen since it was in 52 but another that was in a much less known little story

Just a little going away post for SD since I'm going on vacation to visit my family in Greece for a month tomorrow afternoon.. Nothing like Tomorrow.

Tomorrow Woman timeline

1) JLA #5v (May 1997)
2) JLA: Tomorrow Woman (Girlfrenzy) (June 1998)
3) JLA Secret Files and Origins #2 (August 1998)
4) Hourman #2 (May 1999)

Then she had an interesting semi appearance in

5) Superman Y2K (February 2000)

Tomorrow Woman (or some version of her) appears along a mass of other robotic heroes in this story. Aside from this she doesn't re-appear in the issue or get explained to any extent and for those who want some context Brainiac or a future Brainiac has attacked the world computer system just after 2000 came in (thus Y2K) and taken control of the robots of the DCU.

The writer of the story was Joe Kelly, I'll look him up one of these days, I'd really like to know what this one panel appearance meant.

Maybe there was some talk at the DC headquarters and a Tomorrow Woman 2.0 was going to be made? Well, maybe.

6) Avengers/JLA #4 (December 2003)

And finally in

7) 52 #24 (October 2006)

Yeah yeah, it's just a statue of her but given all the crap that happened in Infinite Crisis we're lucky DC didn't just decide to say she never existed and it served to show she was still in continuity.

Also, can anyone tell me who the heck that is under Booster's elbow? (Not Tora obviously the one who kinda looks like Psycho Pirate)

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