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People who know me and the series can probably guess which sequence I'm posting from.

OK, this sequence is from the arc Squirrel Prophet...the characters are involved in a card tournament, but that's not the important part, just explaining what is happening...

(FTR, Sam is trans, which Grace knows. That's why he made the assumption about Tedd, and why Grace hesitates in that one panel.)

And why this sequence is important to me...

Tedd is the first genderfluid character I've encountered in fiction. Others have since appeared in other comics I read, but Tedd is the first.

And...The sequence is basically a compressed version of about 2 decades of my life though I've known about transgender since I was little.

That 'there's a name for it' moment...it's important. That there's a word means there are other people who are the same way. It wasn't just me. I wasn't a weirdo who was having feelings nobody else did.

All the 'be true to yourself' in the world doesn't carry as much weight as 'you are not alone'.
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