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From the preview up at CBR

We open with a funeral... But for whom?

As it turns out, it's for Sunspot, with Songbird giving a eulogy.... and quite the set of mourners in attendance.


Now as you might imagine, if you know me at all, it's that last panel which has my attention...

I'm not sure if Doug is being deeply sarcastic (because this is NOT the first New Mutant funeral of course) or being quite sincere because this IS his first New Mutants funeral, since he wasn't really around for the one he was in attendance at as the body.

Warlock's reaction is also a little... charged, since it's a direct reference to the events of New Mutants 64 where that's an accurate description of what Warlock did with Doug's corpse, in a genuine attempt to "jumpstart" him back to life... if didn't work.

Yeah, I've never posted from that issue apart from the first couple of pages, it makes me too sad, though someday I might, but let's just say that Jay and Miles consider it THE saddest comic book ever and devoted pretty much an entire episode to it and they summarise it better than I could.

Still, Cypher and Warlock fans are a creative bunch and within a couple of hours of the preview being posted, the delightful Leigh Wortley over on tumblr had come up with this, based on the not unreasonable assumption that no one ever got around to telling Doug about NM#64 after his return (It would be a fairly harrowing story to tell, no matter how well meaning Warlock might have been).

The outraged "In front of my MOTHER?!" is the perfect punchline... (There might be a bit of a giveaway about developments revealed in the rest of the preview, but... such is life)
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