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Into the Blue

The Real First Blue Lantern (not St. Walker!)

It occurred to me that I've seen a Blue Lantern before, one who looks a little bit like this guy...

Just not in the DCU.

(The planet dying is a planet not unlike Krypton, with one a sole child being rocketed away.)

I think a lot of people here would prefer these guardians as oppose to the little blue guys, as they seem to be, well, good.

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Not too many comic book panels have been more depressing than the one that follows, in which (is it still a spoiler when this happened forever ago?)
The Lantern is carelessly tosed aside along with Superman's Cape and Wonder Woman's Bacelets.
Nice tugging at the heart strings there, Mr. Ellis. My hat goes off to you.

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I wouldn't exactly say "carelessly" considering how they get it.

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well, if it helps any, Dowling did mention he was going to sell the lantern to Henry Bendix.

... no, that doesn't help any.

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Yeah, that guy died in the same Stormwatch arc that introduced Apollo and the Midnighter, as did several other Justice League-wannabes.

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That's right: it was stolen tech from Dowling Bendix used.

Funny thing about them is they were BOTH Reed analogues.

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This issue is one of the very few that has ever managed to reduce me to embarassing sniffles. The loss of potential greatness, a world never even knowing what it might have had...

Ellis. Making me care about fictional characters. What a bastard.