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This is from 52 Week Twenty-Seven. It's written by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, and Mark Waid; the breakdowns are by Keith Giffen and the pencils by Shawn Moll. The cover is by J.G. Jones.

Ralph Dibny is traveling with the helm of Doctor Fate (really Felix Faust in disguise) trying to find a way to bring back Sue. In this issue he asks the Spectre if he can bring her back to him; the Spectre grins and replies "Absolutely."

In the 52 trade paperback one of the writers said that this was correcting a continuity error from Identity Crisis #1; when Sue is waiting for Ralph she hears a sound coming from inside the house. You're meant to think it's the killer, except Jean traveled to the Dibnys' home via the phone lines.

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Odds are, it is, since they weren't collected together in the trades, and even allowing for it not to be, it's still 1/3 over.


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