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Here's the series premise, from what my brain tells me. And frankly, I trust that thing as far as I can throw it. Which would be zero distance. Because I'd die. Also, why don't they put the creative teams' names in full, like this? Surname-only seems a disservice.

Plus, a spirit guide who's a half-naked vintage strongman. As you do. Check it!

Words: Gerard Way
Pencils: Nick Derington
Colors: Tamra Bonvillain


Prior to the series, the Doom Patrol was violently scattered after a mysterious incident on Oolong Island. Some time later, paramedic Casey Brinke begins picking up some really odd characters on the job...

The Story:

Issue #1 sees Casey take the pieces of Cliff Steele, a.k.a. Robotman.

In Issue #2, her ambo dispatch alerts her to a mentally-ill man, revealed to be another Doom Patroller, Larry Trainor / Negative Man - the mummy dude who becomes a shadow, except currently depowered:

Meanwhile in Casey's apartment, Robotman powers up, only to find some mooks searching the place for Casey.

There's some hints of the Oolong Island incident here:

Casey's dispatch alerts her to her own address, where she catches Robotman in the midst of his shit-feeding.

It's here that the two narratives unite, along with the two former Doom Patrollers:

It's revealed that the suspiciously savvy Dispatch that led Casey to Robotman and Negative Man wasn't the hospital at all, and both Casey and partner Sam are accused of commandeering hospital property.

Casey discovers that "Dispatch's" voice wasn't coming from the hospital, but from the ambulance, who reveals itself as Doom Patroller #3: Danny the Street.

Danny takes Casey inside itself, greeted by one of its residents:

I actually don't have reading experience on Flex Mentallo. What's this guy's deal, aside from trunks?


Issue #3:

Flex Mentallo reveals to Casey that Danny the Street has become Danny the Basically Utopia:

After discovering Danny's origin, Casey travels Dannyland and finds a comic, which reveals a shocking truth about her:

Favorite page! Someday I also hope my dog tells me he's proud of me as I wail into the night, a dead clown in my arms. Someday.

Anyway, Danny reveals he's being hunted by the mooks who searched Casey's apartment, and asks his 'daughter' for help:

So, series premise: Danny the Street asks Casey to help reunite/join the Doom Patrol, to defend his utopia from an coming invasion!

Uh, I think. Next post is on Titans. Stay tuned!

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