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His father's from Earth. His father's from Ektae.

He got a package from his Earth dad on the first day of the every-seven-years week the two worlds merged.

It told him why he'd never known either of his parents by anything other than repute, and then asked him to do something- take their ashes to the place on Ektae they'd first met, and scatter them.

So he illegally crossed the opening between the worlds and got caught by the authorities on the other side.

He used his one phone call to call one of Ektae's hardest criminals- someone he'd punched in the face once.

Some bad men came and picked him up. When he found out he wasn't going to get to meet the man he wanted to in person, he crashed their car and walked away from the wreckage.

He made his way to a bar, where he had a drink.

He had a night.

" It's going to be a rough ride. "

He stole himself a car for that ride and started on the route that'd take him through the territories of the man he'd struck at once and now again.

His progression was shown in an action montage.

(Steve Orlando also scripted a bit like this with Midnighter, but it was on foot.

This certainly isn't any lesser for being a drive.)

" All you brought was a bus? "

He drove the car into the bus and dove free. The two exploded and left behind a flaming mass.

He took a bike for the last leg of his journey, arriving at his destination.

There, facing the ocean, he released the ashes of Morgan, the father he'd known a little more of.

(Sid's his roommate with benefits back on Earth. Their relationship's casually affectionate, a " we both know exactly what we want out of this and that's what we're getting " kind of thing.)

Then he found out about his other father.

(Art's by Jakub Rebelka.

Pages're 6 and ~8/10ths of Namesake #2's 22. #3 came out this week.)

Date: 2017-01-14 09:08 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] lamashtar
I feel the need for explanatory text. What happened in that last panel?


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