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"I also hope that when people read ‘Avengers Finale,’ they’ll see the love and care, which’ll help them appreciate the story and they’ll see it was done with the utmost love and respect." - Brian Michael Bendis

All the destruction in “Disassembled” was a product of the Scarlet Witch’s resentment over the fact that she had lost her children (who never actually, really existed in the first place), and she blames the Avengers for this tragedy. Why? We’re never clearly told, though it’s indicated that she resents the Avengers for keeping the tragedy secret from her. But why, exactly, she now deems all these heroes—who she’s previously saved the world with, lived with, laughed with—worthy of death is really still a mystery. What we can see is an antiquated stereotype that a woman’s logic will always be undermined by her child-bearing nature. Here is the Scarlet Witch, a weathered warrior, a proven hero, yet she spins out of control because her innate animal instincts as a mother smother all reason. She’d rather destroy long-time friends than ask that they explain themselves. Evidently, her maternal needs outweigh all to which her life has been previously devoted—goodness, friendship, redemption, love. How does this make sense? Well, we are told by Doctor Strange that the Scarlet Witch never really had proper control over her magic and, as a result, her sanity has been slowly compromised by her unruly power. And, here, again, is two tired, misogynistic messages: that a woman can’t control herself and that a woman in a position of power always leads to disaster. You can find these themes in many pre-feminist writings, yet it was commonly thought that perhaps we had put these themes to rest, now that women hold top corporate, political, and other such powerful positions across the world. Yet, Marvel must be a few decades behind in feminist theory. More embarrassing, Marvel must also be a few decades behind in their own continuity, seeing as the Scarlet Witch has been learning and mastering her powers over the past 40 years. After all, readers actually watched her training, something rarely seen with other heroes. Yet, this woman is still out of control? What’s worse—she now needs to be de-powered, forced into her rightful place by a man, a sorcerer supreme. - The Problem of the Scarlet Witch: When Bad Girls Go Good, but Not for Good

Story By: Brian Michael Bendis
Art By: David Finch

WARNING for sexism and aggressive exposition dumping.

And we wrap with Avengers #503...



We cut to the present where Doctor Stranger monologues a bit and then...
The events of the past day. The devestation. The bedlam. I must ask you... is there anyone the Avengers have dealt with who has this level of mystic power? Someone who could orchestrate this level of chaos?




Reed: Doctor, what are you thinking?

Strange: Please, please hear me out, we don't have much time... There has always been an uneasy structure to Maximoff's powers As a mutant - she was BORN with her powers over magic. Her "hex" power. It wasn't EARNED through spirituality. It was GIVEN to her without understanding of its consequence.

Falcon: But maybe the rules for her don't app...

Beast: I'm sorry, but didn't she have trouble controlling her powers in the past?

Captain America: Yes.

Carol Danvers: Wait! If - if it's chaos magic, then it can be reversed. You can bring them back! Please! Doctor, please, reverse this before it's too late. Bring back Scott! Bring back Hawkeye! Bring back...


They keep trying to stick up for Wanda, Iron Man pops back up and then we get to this...

Iron Man: Doctor, I'm sorry, I have an immense amount of respect for you... but we cannot accuse a teammate of this kind of terrorism. I need more than your theory.

Doctor Strange: My theory... Listen to me. This chaos magic - the source of her new "reality-altering powers..." I am the master of the mystic arts - and I am telling you... there's no such thing as chaos magic...

(next comes a double page spread featuring more dialogue and Scarlet Witch of the past in skimpy outfits and being all evil in past series)

Please forget we are talking about your friend. And listen to me tell you the story of an orphaned mutant with a sordid, violent past... ...with powers she did not earn nor can she control... powers she never fully understood. Can you understand the delicate mindset of a woman, a person, who has control over reality?

It means reality controls her. Imagination becomes the enemy. Structure disappears. Reality, eventually, as she knows it, starts to slip away. Elude her. Blur. Drama, conflict, tragedy. They become EXCUSES to change the world to fit the image that she has for it. Anything she doesn't like, she can change. No matter how slight. People. Places. Things. Everything is hers to change. But every time she does that, every time she gives in to her desires, no matter how NOBLE they may be...

...a little more of her slips away. She loses herself. Her reason. But she struggles quietly every day to keep it in check - to keep it all together. For a person of strong mind and body, for a person of pure spirit... the task of coping with these powers would be all-consuming.

But here's a woman for whom, by the nature of her upbringing and chosen occupation... every day is stressful, chaotic... and after a life lived with lost love, violence, and drama, what does she do? She says to herself: "I deserve happiness. I want to bring something into this world that is good. That I can love." And she gives birth to children... even though she can't.

She played mommy to make herself feel like someone she thinks is normal. And that ends tragically as well? If I told you a story like this, you'd say to yourself this sounds like a person who has lost control of themselves on a deep psychological level. You'd say this sounds like a disturbed person.

(I personally say you sound like a sexist asshole with all the implications you are making, but whatever. We then have another double page spread of several panels from Wanda in several other series with only one paragraph)

Now does anything I have described NOT sound like Wanda Maximoff?




Doctor Strange knocks her out since her mind was already delicate...




With that, everyone just kind of goes home and we treated to four pages from when Scarlet Witch & her brother first joined the Avengers back in the 60's. Certainly better times........

That was a load of s**t.

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