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"What If the Scarlet Witch hadn't acted alone?"

The story begins with Beast investigating the ruins of the Avengers Mansion to ensure thorough caselogging, with Carol Danvers backing him up. They go over the events with each other and Spider-Man when he shows up. Falcon also appears, recalling when Doctor Strange appeared and revealed that the Scarlet Witch was behind it all. They mention that Captain America took it especially hard and ask Falcon why.

Carol and Hank continue the investigation, going over the rest of the event with Iron Man, who encourages their investigation. They then confront Quicksilver, barely catching him, and ask him how Wanda's powers work.

Dr. Strange says that the way Wanda was able to get so powerful was through the death of the other Avengers through the event, especially Hawkeye sacrificing himself, which is the most power kind of death. Hank goes through the evidence, only to come to a conclusion so horrifying a disembodied voice (heavily implied to be Agatha Harkness's ghost) demands if the truth is so important. Hank reveals this to the Avengers and X-men, complete with Uatu's presence confirming the situation's importance. Falcon confirms Hanks theory, saying that deep down he knew it all along. The only person who can match this person's tactical ability is none other than Cyclops himself.

And just who is this other person working with Wanda?

The gathered heroes attack Genosha while Wanda is weakened, with the main group attacking Genosha's mutant army while a small group tries to attack Wanda. However, Cap expected this and Wanda manages to subdue them.

Wanda suddenly recovers, but Cap, realizing that he made Wanda mad, tells her to take them to find their friends and "take us where they are." They are both enveloped in the energy that consumed the army of heroes and disappear.

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