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The human Cylons hidden in the Fleet feared it.

So did the humans of the Fleet, especially with the evidence that it- Tallos, as Baltar had named it with his sense of aptness- might still have some will of its own.

Though Baltar believed he'd straightened out that problem, Commander Adama still worried.

To test his worries, he had the human Cylon they knew about (the instance of the Number Eight model that Helo and Starbuck'd brought back with them from Caprica) taken out of the brig and put before Tallos, so that they could see if the reprogrammed Centurion would obey human orders even when another Cylon was there.

The moment Tallos saw the one Helo still called Sharon, he broke his bonds and threw aside those around him.

Tallos popped out an antenna, broadcasting a message it'd received.

It appeared to be a plea from what looked like Sharon, a call for help to escape.

Colonel Tigh believed it was exactly what it looked like.

Helo didn't.

(Oh, Baltar- you're so understandably-but-comically frustrated.)

(Oh, Cavil- you're so enjoyably sardonic.

Half of that might be imagining Dean Stockwell's performance of these lines, though.)

(The Eights there decided they'd dress to fit the lighting, and it's working.

Writing's Karl Kesel, art's Dan Schkade.)

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Im really liking the stylistically like the remake series but generally less grim and gritty approach I'm seeing here.


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