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In my post from last year, we saw how the former king of the Inhumans was overthrown and exiled for hiding their slave engine. This is the rest of his story.

In Mighty Avengers #25, by Dan Slott and Stephen Segovia, Quicksilver and US Agent meet Ban-Luck.

In #27 (which I can't post any more from, because of my last post), the Unspoken has shown up in China, where he's spotted by Quicksilver, US Agent, and Ban-Luck. Before they can do anything China's superhero team the People's Defense Force show up and attack the former Inhuman king, who easily takes them all out.

#28 opens up with another flashback. The plot is by Slott, the script is by Christos Gage, and the art is by Khoi Pham.

#29 begins with another flashback.

The army opens fire.

Quicksilver, US Agent, and Ban-Luck team-up with the surviving members of the People's Defense Force to stop the Unspoken.

The Xerogen gas turns US Agent and several members of the People's Defense Force into Alpha Primitives.


More of the heroes are exposed to the gas and transformed.

Amadeus Cho boards the Unspoken's ship with Hercules so they can find a way to stop him.


As Hercules battles the ship's robotic defenses, Cho finds something.

Hank Pym joins the fight.

Cho has Hercules, who's gained control of the ship, use the chronal ray on the Unspoken.

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