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In doing so, he learned that his father from Ektae- the realm that, every seven years for one week, linked up with Earth- was still alive.

Standing on the shores of Tarn Smithseat on Ektae, he knew that he wanted answers.

So he went to his surrogate mother, who told him the story of how his dads'd met about thirty-five years ago.

Hours later, they were together.

Seven days later, at the end of the Blessing, when Earth and Ektae unlinked for another seven years, they were both going to Ektae together.

Years later, they were living together, and they'd found a surrogate.

Then, they broke apart.

Morgan took their son and ran.

" After this long? You think you can take my son, you swiving.. "

The curse he uttered followed Morgan through the portal to Earth (" years.. "; the dialogue in this issue is aces at exposition by implication).

Fearing that the curse would touch Jordan too, he gave him up for adoption and then went his own way, coming to his end in time.

" I thought I knew your fathers. I was wrong.

" I thought I'd never see you again. I'm glad to say..

" Oh, I know what to do.

" Start with the bootlicking lackey.

" Start with Ferrier. "

So Jordan made his way to that one's front door.

He kicked it down and started kicking around Ferrier's men.

" You're not lying. I can feel it. "

So Ferrier came down to meet Jordan, hostility in his eyes and out of his mouth.

" I'm not here to fight. " Jordan said (though he wouldn't have minded.)

Ferrier knew that Jordan wasn't lying, but he still wasn't sure if he cared enough to help the man who'd sucker punched him that one time.

He thought it over, and then agreed. His part wouldn't come free, though.

" First, I pay back that cheap shot. "

Jordan smiled.

" That's what's important to you, here? No wonder Bakolier thinks you're a shoat.

" Go ahead. See if you can make me feel it. "

Ferrier hit him with a right hard enough to turn his head.

So they prepared to go to war with Bakolier.

Bakolier's men saw them, and prepared too.

And Bakolier?

He waited.

(Pagecount's just under 7 and 1/3rd of 22 from Namesake #3. #4 came out this week, bringing the mini to an end.

Art's by Jakub Rebelka.)


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