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This story is about the first time that Batman brought the Joker in and what happened in the aftermath.

Warning for suicide

It starts with Batman Confidential #22...


Joker kills his cellmates. When the police arrive he asks for his phone call.

"... and the other to cut down Detective Shancoe's wife!"


On his way to court Joker kills the two guards but Batman apprehends him.


Batman disguises himself as Matches Malone and gets himself arrested as a way to get info on the Joker.

"... or fly along and catch someone who cares."

Joker is sentenced to a psychiatric hospital indefinitely as the judge deems him unfit to stand trial.

Gordon visits Geoff and tells him that he's concerned about his wellbeing, and that he'll have to either take him to an AA meeting or take his gun and shield.


Geoff lures Batman by attacking the Joker during his transit.

Gordon, with his arm in a sling, tazes the Joker before he can get away. Joker is taken to the newly renovated Arkham Asylum where he is the first patient.

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