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So the framing device is Uatu peering in on Scott and Jean's wedding, acting on overheard dialogue. For instance, overhearing Lorna Dane's comment of "If they did this long ago, they would have saved so much heartbreak", causes Uatu to reveal an alternate reality that answers the question:

After this wedding, the rest of the X-men decide that it's also time for them to graduate and take Professor X's teachings to the world.

The Avengers managed to defeat Krakoa, but are unable to save the captured X-men, leaving the retired X-Men to mourn them.

Back in the main timeline, Archangel remembers there was a time there might have been something between the two of them, but seeing Scott and Jean makes him think that it just wasn't meant to be. Uatu, though, finds that little cannot happen.

Jean and Warren start dating, leaving the insecure Scott to withdraw further into his shell throw himself into his work. He becomes anti-social and relentless, especially when Charles was injured during a fight with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, shunning his teammates. And when Charles reveals that he was testing them during that, Scott turns his anger on the professor as well.

Returning to the framing device, we find that Wolverine didn't attend the wedding, instead watching from afar before leaving. Uatu states that it happened after Scott and Jean had a strong relationship, and nothing happened between Jean and Logan. But, it could have.

So the Dark Phoenix stuff happens, and they end up going through the whole trial set by Lilandra.

"--and Wolverine is anything but a calming influence."

And then the universe died. The End.

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