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The Wild Storm #1, by Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt. This is kind of Ellis by the numbers so far, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. 2017 Ellis isn't prolific enough for "by the numbers" to feel tedious. When this series really gets going, it'll hopefully acquire more of a Wildstorm superhero sheen, not because that's some inherently interesting thing but because it that would give it the novelty to distinguish itself from the mass of other "Ellis in futurist mode" stories.

Uber: Invasion #3, by Kieron Gillen and Daniel Gete. This book is unusual for a war title in that it's so much about the actual warfare itself, as in macro-scale strategies and logistics of combat and numbers and all that stuff. The stuff most war fiction largely eschew in favor of the drama at the human level. I guess that's the advantage of alternate history war: Unlike stories of actual wars, readers don't already know the events so going over this kind of stuff doesn't feel redundant; unlike stories about fantasy world wars, there's all this real world detail to feed this kind of writing.

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