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-But that only seems to apply when the Nazis are the strong.-

They've suffered a number of defeats. Some major, some minor- like the raids on the sub bases allowed them to supply their European army again, which should pay off when we get around to Patton.

-the Kursk victory does nothing to slow Sigmund down while costing the Soviets all of their initial tankmen. -

It greatly slowed the Soviet advance for awhile, giving Katyusha time to fully develop, which let her take back all of Russia, the Ukraine, and half of Poland, and take out in her first action more German tankmen than the Soviets lost against Siegmund.

Territory-wise, that push was one of the biggest in the timeline (granted, not as significant as the UK surrender, but a lot of land).

-And of course, I continue to hold that Maria has done more damage to the Allied cause than any German uber, by unilaterally removing the USSR from the war. -

Yea, she didn't push the offensive, but what they are doing is building a sizable offensive force.

Heh, on that note, if every one of her new disciples is supposed to be a battleship, then the US/German conflict is a pointless preamble to the coming Soviet world domination. :)-

My impression is the one that was instructed to 'take care' of Maria is a Battleship, and most of the rest are destroyers and cruisers. Which is still a *rather* impressive force.
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