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The Wild Storm #1, by Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt. This is kind of Ellis by the numbers so far, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. 2017 Ellis isn't prolific enough for "by the numbers" to feel tedious. When this series really gets going, it'll hopefully acquire more of a Wildstorm superhero sheen, not because that's some inherently interesting thing but because it that would give it the novelty to distinguish itself from the mass of other "Ellis in futurist mode" stories.

Uber: Invasion #3, by Kieron Gillen and Daniel Gete. This book is unusual for a war title in that it's so much about the actual warfare itself, as in macro-scale strategies and logistics of combat and numbers and all that stuff. The stuff most war fiction largely eschew in favor of the drama at the human level. I guess that's the advantage of alternate history war: Unlike stories of actual wars, readers don't already know the events so going over this kind of stuff doesn't feel redundant; unlike stories about fantasy world wars, there's all this real world detail to feed this kind of writing.

Date: 2017-02-17 03:56 am (UTC)
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The Wild Storm is at an enjoyable start, albeit a tad disappointing. One thing I don't want out of the series is for it to be a rehash of Warren Ellis's 90-00's stuff. Or just another grim and gritty superhero universe. Maybe it's because of how Warren Ellis's Marvel work was taking not well-known characters and pushing them in different directions that I expect something similar to happen here.

So far the most interesting choices of the series is the art and storytelling. Davis-Hunt is a pretty damn good artist, but hardly a traditional superhero artist. His storytelling is much more restrained, along with the choices of the costumes and designs. The other interesting choice is how heavily grided the series is and the use of Alan Moore's nine-panel.

Which seems to state an intent of this series being more "cinematic" and "realistic" then normal superhero fair. Less about four-colour icons in cool-poses and more Prestige TV drama. The only problem is that that form of superheroes has been done to death already. So I'm hoping this series finds something new to say with these old properties.

On another note I do like Ellis's fixation at making his crazed dysfunctional complex geniuses women. Both in his collaboration with Colleen Doran and well... let's just say I could easily picture this version of Engineer making the speech Kilbride made in page three of these scans .

As for Uber, still enjoying the hell out of Uber. One thing that's interesting about the Invasion issues is seeing the tactics evolve. The US has the advantage of sheer numbers while the Nazi's had much more time to develop tactics/technology to deploy their Uber's effectively (as well as two walking atom bombs). It's neat to see the lessons of the previous battles apply here. With both US and Germany learning the lessons from previous battles and trying new strategies.

I do wonder if we'll see the development of the Hydrogen Bomb type Ubers to the Battleship's Atom Bombs by the end of the series, that'd be a scary thought.

Uber reminds me of Attack on Titan in a way. It's structure is generally destruction, then progress, and then more destruction. As a way to not alienate the viewers and keep the violence meaningful (although one ironic thing is that Attack on Titan is more of a superhero series at times then Uber is). Admittedly these past couple of issues have been one long string of destruction which can get alienating as Kieron admitted in his blog.

Also with Stephanie it's interesting what they did with her look at the end of that issue. Do wonder where they're going with that (could be as simple as being a way to blend in though).
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I feel fairly confident that it'll be more than a rehash of the old, the angle strikes me as an interesting one.

Just out of curiosity...

Date: 2017-02-18 12:47 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] bewareofgeek
Am I the only one who thought Angela's dialogue tic ("Ha") sounded a LOT like the Wildstorm versions of Dick Grayson & "Jasper" seen in Planetary/Batman:Night On Earth?


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