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Black #1

"In a world that already hates and fears them -- what if only Black people had superpowers." - Black Mask Studios press release

Written by Kwanza Osajyefo, Art by Jamal Igle

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Didn't I already see this, when it was called "Undercover Brother"?

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On a somewhat related but totally tangential point, one of my self-imposed XCOM rules is that only women can be psions. Primarily because it makes the game more interesting. This is all in my head-canon:

1. No one knows why all psions are women. They just know that no man has ever had psionic potential.
2. That women exclusively have the potential to become the strongest soldiers causes interesting societal shifts throughout the world, but XCOM itself is largely unaffected.
3. Men gain a slight inferiority complex, and may overcompensate by taking stupid risks and/or becoming mech soldiers.
4. Women who fail psionic testing-- which is most of them by the game's algorithms-- take it hard, because they've lost the basis for women's increased social status.
5. Everyone tries really hard not think about what "all psions are women" means with respect to the aliens they've been fighting.
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To borrow a really dated phrase, I like this comic's ideas and would like to subscribe to its newsletter.

(Am I the only one getting a Dodson-esque vibe off the art?)
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That was possibly the worst layperson explanation of quarks I've ever seen.
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Yeah. I'd also point out that if you've got weird quarks that are influencing your atoms, then you're probably screwed. Having an atom perform anything other than its expected function means disaster for the molecules/proteins/cells/etc. that depend on that expected functionality.
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I'm interested, but not gonna lie, my reaction to the quarks explanation was, "It's okay guys, you can just say, 'we don't know, black folks just gets superpowers sometimes,' we'll buy it."