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It's the first of a four-issue miniseries.

It's matter-of-fact from the first page- the dialogue's expository and organic at the same time.

The pacing has the same matter-of-fact understanding of the story, progressing over things as they happen.

After introducing the protagonists Nat and Sumesh in a late-night raid on a shut-down super-science lab- which included having to deal with its not-deactivated security system- it established them in the morning after.

It went in order, first with her..

.. and then with him.

Later that day, it established something they were working towards together:

And, as they were trying to find someone who could help them install that thing Sumesh found (a " tachyonic actuator ", whose technobabble explanation starts with " Einstein-Rosen ") into the thing that was going to be their Odyssey application (time machine), it introduced someone offering his services:

It concluded with them setting up the machine and turning it on- and something happening.

(Writing's Magdalene Visaggio, whom you might've seen before on Kim & Kim or/and the Element Girl backup in Shade the Changing Girl #4.

Pencils and inks're Eryk Donovan, colors're Claudia Aguirre, letters're Zakk Saam.

Publisher's Black Mask Studios.)


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