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Baman #18, by Tom King and David Finch. It seems a shame to pair up King's writing with Finch's art. I'm not saying anything new here but King's style of rigid formalism really needs the right kind of artistic collaborator to be fully effective and Finch isn't it. The two issues guest penciled by Mitch Gerad -- an example of the right kind of collaborator -- just made that even more clear.

Champions #6, by Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos. There's an obligatory Champions scene showing them doing their thing, but most of this issue is about introducing some new super-villains, a 'mirror' counterpart to the team. Waid, to his credit, does a really good job of making them just awful, awful people who you can't wait to see the Champions stomp.

The Flintstones #9, by Mark Russell and Steve Pugh. The book's edging away from the "one issue, one social issue" format to explore full-blown subplots and stuff. This, in conjunction with the recent knowledge that it's meant to be a finite run, actually makes the whole thing a lot more hopeful than it's previously been; it raises the possibility that the series will end with some status quo shake up, some reduction of the social inequalities of Bedrock-but-not-really-Bedrock-because-it's-really-us that the series has been expounding on.

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