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This is the first issue of the only real story arc of consequence that What If ever did. Get ready, it's gonna get weird.

Uatu, surprised at their power to detect him, voices his disapproval, but still decides not to break his oath. He is quickly distracted by the alternate reality that they are viewing, which appears to be an alternate to the reality he saw where Spider-Man joined the FF, only one where Sue never left Reed for Namor and became his queen, as here we are seeing Sue about to give birth to Franklin Richards, with the rest of the FF going into the Negative Zone like in 616 to get the element needed so Sue and the baby can survive.

The Time Keepers reveal that the soon-to-be-born Franklin is this realities' Nexus, and that he must die for them to live. They can't interfere themselves, so they try to just let Annihilus kill them all. Spider-Man, however, manages to get the Cosmic Control Rod from Annihilus, which is just what they need to save Sue and the baby.

(Yeah... it's clear that the writers forgot that What If #1 already had a sequel. Because if they didn't, then where the hell is Sue and Namor's kid?)

Doom reluctantly give Reed the rod while holding Annihilus off, getting sucked into the crunch zone while doing so, both of them blowing up while the FF rush back to Earth.

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