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The four do well and defeat Immortus's forces. However, the Immortus wave sweeps through everything and resurrects his army, keeping the team fighting endlessly.

Just as the young Nathaniel Richards prepares Doom's time machine for the first time, it activates and summons an alternate Fantastic Four. Uatu informs the deputy secretary that this is not the version of the FF he suggested, which the deputy secretary responds by saying that it was his own decision to make, the chain of command must be maintained, and that this team is much more powerful. Uatu responds that he doesn't think this will work.

Nathaniel believes that the FF are trying to trick him and activates the armory, which kills the FF one by one. Meanwhile, Irondroid and Doctor Doom have died during the endless battle against the inhabitants of Limbo, and the last two are on their last legs.

Uatu says that the FF the TVA chose were too inexperienced, and now Nathaniel will be too suspicious of any more super powered freaks. Uatu knows that only one team can work now: Reed Richards' Rocket Group, who give the same spiel to Nathaniel. He still tries to use the robots to detain them, but Reed reveals that Uatu already told them about his destroying of the other FF, so they activated an energy field as soon as they appeared to disable them. Nathaniel is still suspicious, so they convince him to use a DNA analyzer to prove their story.

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