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A panel and a page from DC REBIRTH #1. It is a very strong "homage page" to WATCHMEN.

In 1985, Alan Moore did a 12 issue superhero story about how much he hated the Margaret Thatcher Administration. It had a strong impact on superhero comics. Maybe DC REBIRTH will explore that idea in a meta way. "Everyone hated Thatcher, she nearly ruined England, but it is time to move on."

The similarity to Dr. Manhattan killing Rorschach in WATCHMEN #12 is clear. The Question (pun intended): Is that Dr. Manhattan killing Pandora? Why? The heroes will prove the killer wrong about what?

The issue says that the Nu52 is NOT Barry's fault as a result of FLASHPOINT, but aside from a yellow smiley face button, we don't get whose fault it is. Saying "Dr. Manhattan tweaked the DC Universe for reasons" is a bit off to me, like a mean "Take That" to Alan Moore 30 years later.

It is also edging close to INFINITE CRISIS, where Kal-L, Superboy Prime and Alexander Luthor are the bad guys for not liking IDENTITY CRISIS.

I don't mind a good "Take That" now and again. Alex Ross did JUSTICE as a "Take That" to IDENTITY CRISIS, although it was more of a "Measured Response," IMHO.
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