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The video was a suicide note, left by a human-type Cylon, an Eight.

She'd made it shortly before killing herself; in it, she'd claimed responsibility for the recent incident involving Tallos, Doctor Baltar's supposedly tame pet reconstructed Cylon Centurion.

The discussion turned to Tallos' actions during the incident- why had it acted to preserve its own life?

It was a Cylon, after all- " death " for it just meant transmission to a Resurrection Ship.

Doctor Baltar made a suggestion.

Baltar explained things as they were to Tallos later, before the Centurion was due to assist in a resource mining op on the planet below them.

Apollo asked Baltar for the contingency kill-switch he'd developed in case Tallos went bad, in case.

Baltar hesitated.

Head!Six wondered what Tallos could do in the brief moment no one had their hands on the switch, and what he might do to Baltar.

So Baltar and Tallos went down in a Raptor, Helo and Apollo at the controls.

Tallos went to work, and did it well.

Then he threw an explosive charge that knocked the Raptor out of the sky.

On that note, Tallos tore open the top of the Raptor and yanked Baltar out, taking him away.

Helo and Apollo followed.

(The dialogue's so good, you don't even catch that lettering mistake in the last panel on your first read.)

(That last panel.)

Tallos knocked Apollo's gun aside and grappled with him- then dropped to its knees.

" What the frak? " asked Helo.

" Raptor. " said Apollo. " It saw the Raptor coming.. "

Baltar looked up at the sky, past the rescue from the Galactica.

" No. I believe it's something else.. "

(Writing's Karl Kesel, art's Dan Schkade, pagecount's 7 of 22.

#5 came out this week, ending the series.)
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