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Awww, my poor Evan.

Also, Cyclops's photo on the darts board! :D
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Buster is a mutant, I take it?
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Why does the Hand (if they are the Hand) even bother with Logan anymore? Do they think "We got him during Enemy of the State, we can get him again"?
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Because Logan is like one if five super heroes in the Marvel Universe they can take on and conceivably defeat.

I mean who else are they gonna fuck with? Thor? What are they gonna do to Thor? Make him die laughing?
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I don't know if it's so much them bothering with him as vice versa. SOMEBODY has to deal with the Hand, after all, and Wolverine and Daredevil seem to be pretty much the only heroes who even remember that they exist.

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I love Rachel and Kitty at the conference. They sound like real teachers.
also, quick question, Beast sided with Wolverine because he hated the hypocrisy of Scott starting a secret kill team, but he is OK with Wolverine doing it?

(also, kudos for remembering that Kitty is one of he few mutants who can make a threat like that and mean it. Not even Wolverine wants to mess with her.)

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When Scott does something, it's evil and terrible and wrong wrong wrong.
When Wolverine does the exact same thing, it's no big deal.
Because... uh... y'see... it just is?

Beast's been on something of a jerk trend the last several years or so.
That might have something to do with it.
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The biggest problem with Cyclops? He isn't Wolverine.

That was the problem fans, creators and fans who became creators had with Scott Summers.

Also, it might be something like "Scott should know better" while "Logan is going to be Logan."

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-The biggest problem with Cyclops? He isn't Wolverine-

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That's a good way to put it.

Granted, it doesn't always work with everyone. I've never been a fan of the "Badass Longer Who's Somehow Part of a Team" character trope. I'm the guy yelling at Logan and Raphael to shut up and listen to Scott and Leo.
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It's also worth noting that Hank was on Steve's "Secret Avengers" at the time too. While they weren't a kill squad like X-Force was, they were taking on missions the other Avengers teams couldn't be seen doing.
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It's honestly amazing the hell they've put Warren though over the years. It's as though being a rich, good looking white guy with one of the powers most people dream of having isn't enough.
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It's because in the '60s, the power of "winged flight" was still cool, but it's not as flashy as "laser eyes" or whatever, so later writers clearly needed to "improve" him.
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Granted, it's not as flashy or effective in a fight as some other powers. But I don't necessarily thing every member of a team needs to be of the same effectiveness.

Besides, the wings make for one hell of an awesome visual.

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I never got why people thought pre-Archangel Warren was boring. He was the one doing the superhero thing BEFORE joining the X-Men.
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He was boring for a simple reason: while he's visually interesting, his powers went from being uncommon to 'half the heroes have his power as an afterthought'. Half of the Avengers can fly and it's not even noteworthy. Worse, he's not particularly strong or tough, he's just a normal human being, otherwise.

That doesn't make him boring, necessarily, but it does make him far less interesting in groups. If you put him next to Storm or Cannonball or Sunfire, he becomes duller by comparison...and he almost always on every appeared in team books.
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I remember in UXF Storm mentions Betsy's extremely short tenure teaching at the school lol
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So what's with the cutaway to the dead Deathlok amidst burning and rubble, and back to business as usual?