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Next issue is so messed up. Goddangit!
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Jesus, nobody in this sounds like an actual human person.
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Which is probably for the best, since none of them are acting like remotely likeable people.
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Which is probably for the best, since none of them are acting like remotely likable people.

Exactly what I was thinking. No one seems like anyone I'd want to hang out with at all. Whatever happened to the days when members of the JLA actually liked and respected each other?
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A passkey that one can randomly guess one times out of ten thousand?

... that's actually worse than using standard encryption password, Bruce.
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I know right

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1:10,000 is not a great password.

I'm hoping whatever it was, he made it just to throw himself off if his personality had been altered.
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Re: I know right

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Probably better for ten years ago, maybe?
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(frozen comment)

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These types of stories are always really distasteful to me because the only logical extrapolation is that all the times the JLA treated Red Tornado/Hourman/Tomorrow Woman etc like valued allies and friends, they were just humoring machines and would happily have terminated them without batting an eyelid the second something went wrong. It's kinda worse IMO than if they just hated artificial lifeforms all the time because at least that would be honest :p

See also how the Avengers treat the Vision when they get saddled with shitty writers
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Yea, really. I dunno what's up with AI prejudice in superhero comics aside from writers wanting to keep them as 'acceptable targets.'