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I don't think first responders would do such a thing.
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Imagine being a first responder in Gotham City.

My better half used to work with a program that provided counseling and peer support for first responders to help them after stressful situations like accidents or shootings.
So I can't even imagine the traumas you'd suffer when you show up to the aftermath of a Joker attack or whatever. Burnout must be astronomical in Gotham.
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First responders turn tail and run? Maybe a few of the newbies or burn-outs, but the rest? I don't think so.

Unless Gotham just uses you up too fast. Your city is a cesspool, Bruce.
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Either way it irks me that it's setup so that Batman can be a judgmental prick.

In the last few issues of these stories I read Batman thinking how much more he's needed out there. To get there they make Gotham as awful a place as can be. I don't get how that blonde keeps avoiding authorities after a stunt like that either. It's the little things one picks up on while reading a few arcs that don't make sense.
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You're right, it's all designed to make Batman look better. >:(