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that cover will never be okay... I hated this art. and OMG what happened to Beast's JAW

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After years (and years and years and years) of Bobby being the Team Idiot, it's bizarre and a little unsettling seeing him being sane and responsible.
And wearing a shirt.

... Wolverine made him put it on didn't he?
"We're goin' to meet with the board of Worthington Industries, Bobby. Y'know what that means? You're not going in just a pair'a flaming shorts!"

And... maybe it's just the scans but Kitty... does not come off too bright here.
Like, she thinks she's gotten pregnant and is ready to deliver in two days, without having had sex, and she doesn't think there's anything at all suspicious about any of that?
And neither does Beast, apparently. Who you'd think would recall after That Unpleasantness with Carol...
(Guessing the whole "Kitty is pregnant but not really" was probably done to mess with fans and their heads.
"Ha, you thought Kitty was pregnant, but she isn't and is actually infected with parasites that made her look pregnant, and that's not remotely skeevy of us to do that!")

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In fairness there have been weird accelerated mutant births before
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Yeah, walking around in just a pair of flaming shorts is Johnny Storm's thing!

Bobby is one of those characters who gets occasional arcs of seriousness before the next writer regresses him to the immature team idiot.

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Beast, you've seen a teammate rapidly get pregnant before, so you really should've seen something like this coming.

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that's so a Porn cover and it's not even that sexualized... impressive in it's own way
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You cannot argue that this plot isn't classic :D