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NS: DC announced their next event crossover

So big comic book events are a fact of life at the mometn for several reasons and it was inevitable that DC would be announcing their next big comic book event. However, this is something I found myself intrigued by for a couple of reasons which I will expand upon beneath the cut. The announcement can be found here.

So why am I excited/intrigued?
-First, this is by Scott Snyder and he has really good track record at the moment. In addition this feels like a story he has been slowly building up for a long time now so it will be really interesting to see what he will accomplish.
-Second, it seems to be focused on Batman. Now here's a funny thing. As much as I see complaining about the prominence of Batman, there hasn't been a DC Universe that has actually focused on him with Joker's Last Laugh being the closest one and even that not really. Furthermore everytime they have done those huge universe crossovers celebrating DC's legacy, it has almost always been about Superman being the origin of everything while ignoring Batman's heavy role in things. So in a way it is great for them to finally give the Dark Knight his moment in a story like this and with such a great creative team.

Any other feelings here on the announcement?

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You know, when you think about it, how many of DC's events are actually hero vs hero? All the ones that I can think of that are have to do with possession, mind control, or general mistrust that leads into creation of OMAC robots.

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Gonna give them props for actually waiting more than a year before announcing an event.
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Hmmm, let's see:
1. Good writer
2. Good set of artists
3. DC isn't pushing several other events alongside this on
4. This statement from Snyder:
I don’t want it to be grim. I don’t want it to be superheroes arguing over something. Superheroes won’t be fighting superheroes. I want it to be celebratory, and huge, and crazy. I am going for out of control dinosaurs and lasers.

Well we are certainly off to a better start than usual for comic book events, so I say bring it on. It's not like there's any other events going on at the time that's going to be all that interesting. ;)
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He may say he doesn't want it to be grim, but the cover image accompanying the article prominently features a ruined cityscape with a giant spiky iron statue that has more than a dozen people or corpses lashed to its legs with wire. I am... not entirely convinced.
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Seems out of place for Batman to be the center if The DCU, to me he works best as another support cog in these types of events. His character is to rooted in that noir setting if street level writing.
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The article says that DC has stayed away from line-wide publishing events, but almost every book they were publishing during Future's End had a tie-in. Not counting that, because they took place in the future, and some are even no longer relevant is semantics.

There was Forever Evil, but I believe that was more contained.