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Amazing Spider-Man #25: "Police & Thieves"

In Spider-Man's Civil War II tie-in, we saw Clayton Cole become Clash again because of people mishandling a Ulysses prediction. In the recent ASM #25, we catch up with what he's gotten himself up to since...

Edited: Oops, it turns out we're already at the page limit for recent issues. I'll re-post when the next issue is out.
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Batman used to keep running into this problem with Catwoman, and sometimes Ivy, committing crimes against the corrupt to fund environmentally conscious schemes.

Will be interested to see where this goes.
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depending on the situation bruce would just let it go (when he's written the BEST is when he does stuff like this. not his whole "No... but justice!" its the reason he let Ivy raise those kids in the park... and basically gave her part of the park)
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does the rule about not posting more than four pages from the most recent issue not apply to extra-sized issues like this one? because there are three posts from this issue on s_d and it's only two weeks old.
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Thanks for the alert, the four page rule does apply.
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You know, isn't Peter himself at a position where he could start fund lobbying for laws against Roxxon style corruption? Head of a cutting edge corporation should have some clout.
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Peter has been rich for all of five minutes so I'm OK with giving him a pass.

I'm more bothered that people like Tony Stark didn't try this. Seriously the one time he got involved in politics was helping to force through a SHRA that ruined the lives of less connected superheroes. I guess Iron Man just enjoys punching poor people.

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And IIRC when he discovered that Hammer Industries had long since stolen his tech to create most of the armoured villains in the MU, he didn't sue them because it would take too long, but started the first Armor Wars.
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Right, right, the law isn't expedient, so why bother, let's just get busy with our own private brushfire war? I can hear a distant screaming from Hell's Kitchen...
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" .. is that a kangaroo suit? Was I going to have to fight a cyber-Kangaroo in six months? "
" Eight- we're still working out the kinks. "
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You say that like Marvel don't already have a kangaroo in cybertech armour...

How could you forget Hip-Hop of Brute Force?

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I love comic books so much
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Please let the Squirrel Girl team remember this exists.

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So Clash prevented WE3?
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Truly, he is the greatest villain of the entire Marvel Universe.
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Roxxon hired Dr Eggman
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Mod Post!

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It has been brought to the Mod Team's attention that there are already four pages posted from this issue, and this is your second posting from it.

As it is less than four weeks old, the four page rule applies per issue, not per story.

Once four weeks have elapsed, or the next issue has been released, it is possible to post 1/3 of the issue.

Please remove these scans, though they can be repost after the permitted time span.