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So we've had

Batman '66
Batman '66 and The Green Hornet
Batman '66 and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Batman '66 and Steed and Mrs Peel
Batman '66 and Wonder Woman '77

And they've all been pretty good

So what could possibly come next?

Superman 55? (or indeed Superman 78?)


Unless you happened to guess;

The Legion of Super-Heroes!!!

Courtesy of DC All Access

Coming from Mike and Lee Allred and coming to digital in June.

Robin looks like he's SOOOOO over these crossovers in the image above "Yeah, Wally, I'm gonna be late for our date tonight... you wouldn't believe me if I told you why"

And who are the villains, you ask? Well, the present's smartest villain, and the future's most time obsessed villain - Egghead and Universo.

With at least cameo's by Adam Strange, Tommy Tomorrow, Space Ranger and... I have no idea who that chap on the right is.

And what of the Boy Wonder?

Well, the original 30th Century Legion were inspired by legends of the 20th Century Superboy (since they debuted before the likes of the Teen Titans were introduced) but here it looks like they've cobbled together some legends about Robin, the Boy Wonder by mangling old Silver Age stories where things actually happened to Batman (Giant Robin, Zebra-Robin and Aqua-Robin), one story where Robin DID age into an adult (whilst Batman deaged to boyhood) and took on a more bird-like costume, and co opting at least one old Jimmy Olsen story (The Giant Turle Boy (Wonder))

Well, not what I was expecting, but you certinaly can't fault them for creativity!
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