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Why does SHIELD care? Like at all?

Some asshole is killing some other asshole, it happens every day and they do nothing. What makes this so different?
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That make sense. Thanks.

[personal profile] xakko 2017-04-13 12:57 am (UTC)(link)
are they international again?

I know I'm haven't kept up and all, but weren't they under U.S. authority at some point?
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I don't know why it's hilarious that every other line from post-Superior-Spidey Otto seems to be him asserting his ego, but it is.
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Man, this isn't doing Nick's character any favors to be throwing Peter under the bus like this. Nick should at least be trying to talk Peter down instead of "HE EQUAL HYDRA" right off the bat.
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And the AIM line doesn't make sense, when AIM currently works with SHIELD.
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Hey you're being sympathetic with their enemy. YOU EQUAL HYDRA!!!
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Wow this title is really going down hill, eh not my problem hello Renew your vows!
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Did May get de-aged after Secret War? She may not look like Marisa Tomei (yet), but she's clearly not Rosemary Harris, either.

She kind of looks like her Ultimate version, actually.
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I don't know about that, she still looks older than Ultimate May in these panels.
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I'm pretty sure it's her outfit
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Alex... I fucking love your art, really... but did you have to show off so much leg on that cover?
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I literally just saw a group of 4 women walk out of a IHOP showing that much leg. It must be a new fad.
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That much leg separately or that much leg total all together?
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They were all showing that much leg together. 3 were wearing short shorts, that could have doubled as bathing suit bottoms, and the last one was wearing jeans with huge holes in them.
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I'm going to lay odds that Peter contacted Fury.

And that this is some kind of long-con to oust Norman from Symkaria.
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Yeah, but there could also be a red herring, where Peter ALSO has information being funneled to Fury, and he really knows what's going on.