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Four scans from Dark Reign: Young Avengers #3.

Feels like a while since one of these came out; anyway, last issue ended with the Young Avengers offering the "Dark" Young Avengers the chance to join the group if they're judged worthy enough.  When HYDRA launches a bunch of raids across the city, the teams split up into pairs.

First, Stature and Big Zero.

"...an Avenger."  There's a lot of those transitions.

And hey, she for once was shown to have learned something useful in the Initiative.

Elsewhere, Wiccan and Hulkling go with Enchantress II:

She later claims, when with her own group, that this was an act she put on to win them over, but it makes sense for her actual origin.

Eli goes with Melter; Kate with Executioner (who tries to blackmail her by revealing he knows who she is); Vision with Egghead; and Speed with Coat-of-Arms:

"...an Avenger."

The YAs decide that they like Enchantress and Coat-of-Arms, but that the others are all really unsuitable (in Melter's case, because Eli can tell he's hiding something), and Executioner and Egghead (Vision plans to deactivate him because he's too dangerous to be left active) have to be dealt with.

However, the Dark YAs are all still working as a collective, apart from, ironically, Melter, who feels the pull of being their kind on hero, and Coat, who is, once again, really ambiguous.


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