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Royals #1

"I'm dying."
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Probably the most likable and relatable I have seen them in a while. That is good, but it also kinda feels like that relatability goes against the original premesis of the Inhumans?

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I was always a little disappointed that the Inhumans' cancerverse plot threads were jettisoned once the Thanos Imperative began. The Inhumans seemed intent on capturing some test subjects to figure out how to restart Kree evolution again, and Medusa was becoming quite malevolent in those ambitions.
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I REALLY hope Marvel Boy isn't going back to his asshole roots.
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Seems to me it is but it might be a bit premature to say so.
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I agree, but at the same time i hope he ragains a little bit of an edge.
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Where was this back when they were trying to push Inhumans as the next big thing? I'm quite enjoying what I see here.

That includes the visual style. Loving that.
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Sadly I think Marvel needed to go through the realisation that trying to dick another bunch of books/characters people like wasn't going to get the Inhumans over with the same audience. I'm not sure why given, you know, they managed to get make the Avengers a-list while not shitting on the X-Men that much.

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I didn't really care about Gorgon until I found out that he has a minotaur baby. He's so adorable!

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Not that adorable when you find out that Gorgom forced his young child to go through Terrigenesis without permission and because the kid was too young he became a deformed Minotaur baby who is in a medicated coma because he was in constant pain.

[personal profile] astrakhan42 2017-04-20 07:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Yikes. Whether it's in Greek myths or at Marvel, life sucks for minotaurs.