Date: 2017-04-21 12:41 am (UTC)
laughing_tree: (0)
I'm not the best to judge since I read two of those three other comics, but I'd say Secret Empire does a good job explaining enough of that background to people who don't know it.

The three books are U.S.Avengers, Steve Rogers: Cap, and Thunderbolts. I don't read Thunderbolts, so I can attest that whatever was referenced from that didn't confuse me. I do read U.S.Avengers and literally *nothing* that happens in that title was even referenced in Secret Empire 0, much less necessary to understanding it. That leaves Steve Rogers. A lot of that title has been setting up SE, but I think it's all explained. If anything, I'd say the book goes too far in the other direction. Reading the two back to back, it was a bit repetitive, as stuff that happened in SR practially gets a re-play in SE for the sake of people who weren't reading SR.

And Douglas Ernst is the kind of right-winger who gives right-wingers a bad name, a reviewer who on reading the first trade of MS. MARVEL lamented that it's a shame Marvel isn't willing to also portray the bad side of Islam as well as the good. I give his opinions the respect they deserve.
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