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[personal profile] thanekos 2017-04-20 11:59 pm (UTC)(link)
One nice long-term point about the Millarverse: the villains get to be exultant bastards, and the heroes have to take it and take it and take it, but the latter ultimately end up winning more lasting victories than the former.
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Yeah I was expecting Nemesis to win so him getting his brains definitively blown out was a nice surprise.
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....... Roderick Kingsley?
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This actually predates the idea of Kingsley giving supervillain identities to rich people.
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Oh I know, it's just that last panel is identical to the Hobgoblin storyline from Stern.
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So Nemesis was just some LARPer fucking around, and the real villain predicted exactly how everything would play out a decade in advance?

You weren't even trying with this one, were you Millar?
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To be fair to Millar, that kind of thing worked very well in Red Son.

" One can almost be forgiven for thinking this had all been worked out to the tenth decimal point forty years ago, eh? "
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Pretty sure the implication is the letter writer is the Devil, or some deity of equivalent power.
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Does that really make it any better?
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where do you get THAT implication?
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I have to admit, I was surprised to see Millar show so much respect to a president. In this case the man definitely goes out as a hero,picking the lives and wellbeing of innocent people over his own. (even knowing that chances are big that the bad guy was probably going to kill him anyway, I mean, think about it, what bigger fuck you to the guy you're torturing, than to have him kill his wife to save the president, only for the bad guy to then kill the president anyway, having it all be for nothing)
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I don't get it... what?

also is that his son and his boyfriend?