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Daredevil #20

When Charles Soule started his Daredevil run DD's secret identity was back in the closet, with only Foggy Nelson knowing who he really was. Today's issue revealed what caused the new status quo.

Daredevil visits his girlfriend Kirsten, from Mark Waid's run, but she doesn't know he's really Matt anymore.

Maybe this was explained elsewhere, but I think there's a little discrepancy with how the mindwipe thing was supposed to work. Before it was shown that Elektra remembers being with both Matt and Daredevil, she just thinks they were two different people and that she was cheating on Matt. Here Kirsten only remembers being with Matt.

Daredevil visits Foggy, who doesn't remember who he is either until he unmasks.

Daredevil goes back to the Purple Man's machine, only to find it destroyed. He fights some crime and sees that nobody else knows who he really is anymore either.

Matt breaks up with her.
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What a waste.

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It really is, and not just because I liked Kirsten. This story completely and utterly robs her of the thing Waid usually took care to give her: agency.

Soule does do a lot of justice to her character in other respects. She is a not-superhuman but strong woman, made stronger by her sense of humor, and handles the craziness of Daredeviltry with relative ease. (I was very pleasantly surprised to find that her "voice" was recognizable.) For that matter, even Matt's character seems about right to me here. He's falling into old patterns-- "All my girlfriends die, I'm lying to protect her, something violent will always happen to us because I live in a serial comic book, blah blah"-- but doing so as a believable reaction to the identity crisis that left him extra vulnerable to the Purple Man in the first place.

And regarding that crisis, the struggle is real, but there's nothing about it that really sells the idea that the fix for all Matt's problems is to go back to more or less the way he was when Frank Miller was writing him, only single. With all due respect to his Father Confessor, this is not a good decision.

I *believe* this story, I just don't *enjoy* it. Because in the end, no matter how you dress it up, this is still a story about Matt giving up on personal growth as soon as Kirsten and Foggy are not in a position to stop him, whereas Waid's run was very much about the decision to make personal growth, and the importance of friends and loved ones who'll keep you on that path. (Foggy doesn't get much agency either, but he has less of an excuse. Dude should never have let this stand.)

Maybe there was no way to do a new Daredevil series that honored that, especially since the much jollier and self-actualized Matt of Waid's last issues was about as far from Netflix Matt as Adam West's Batman was from Ben Affleck's, and at some point, media synergy's gotta synergize. But that don't mean I gotta like it.

Another way to go with this story would be for the Purple Kids to put Matt's secret ID back in the bottle, Matt to tell Kirsten just like he told Foggy-- and for Matt to insist on keeping his secret ID secret from anyone else, from then on. That's a decision his best friend and girlfriend would have a VERY hard time accepting after all the events of Waid's run, and ultimately it's one they might not condone. You still get to the exact same place, but you do it without making Kirsten a half-brainwashed patsy.

I dunno which version makes Matt look worse, though: the one where he surrenders to his anxieties right at the moment where it's easiest to do so and makes the "clean break," or the one where he clings to those anxieties all the way through weeks of arguing with those who knew him at his happiest.

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Still a better mindwipe than OMD.
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I'm having a hard time imaging a worse retcon than OMD.

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Re: Misconception

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Re: Misconception

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Re: Misconception

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Re: Misconception

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Re: Misconception

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wait, how is Matt using a smart phone?

is his sense of touch supposed to be so sensitive that he can feel the electrons through the glass?

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There are accommodations for the blind to be able to use smartphones, and I believe I saw him use one in Waid's run as well
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Iphones are all accessible for the visually impaired and many other smartphones are too.
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Wait, what? He doesn't want to retell his secret ID to his girlfriend so he breaks up with her?

That's like what shitty Superhero boyfriend would do in a parody, dude.

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Matt Murdock's general ethical failings are a recurring theme of the franchise.

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now the question is, Do the chances of her getting killed increase or decrease?

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Matt Murdock cannot even conceive of what it means to be happy, even for a while. He had to break up with her because quite simply, he doesn't know how to have anything good in his life for long. This has become a recurring pattern... Daredevil girlfriends are like Spinal Tap's drummer.

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"Before it was shown that Elektra remembers being with both Matt and Daredevil, she just thinks they were two different people and that she was cheating on Matt."

Not just Elektra, but Black Widow too. So yeah, it is weird that it's not the same with Kristen.

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Not that it's spelled out, but that doesn't seem too weird to me, because with Kirsten, Matt was living without a secret identity. Even when they got together, it was something everyone sort of knew but no one could prove. With Elektra and Natasha, he was living as two separate people, with Kirsten, he was living as one... so they remember being with two separate people while Kirsten remembers being with only one. In both cases, their memories are as close to the truth as they can get without putting the most important thing together.

Leaving your exes with memories of committing immoral acts that they didn't actually commit, just for your convenience, is a really, really crappy thing to do, of course, but there it is.

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Something would have happened. It always does.

Yeah but... As cursed as Matt's seed is, how many of those "somethings" came about as a direct result of his being Daredevil?

[personal profile] tcampbell1000 2017-05-18 01:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Arguably several. But in the real world, thinking "something bad will always happen because it always does" isn't a meta wink. It's a pathology.
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Honestly, they should have just gave Mephisto a ring and had him sort the whole mess out.
He's a fair-minded kind of guy, always honours his arrangements, real salt of the earth type.
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Edited 2017-05-19 12:57 (UTC)

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Now that's settled, we can find out what Matt's big "End crime in New York forever" plan is. Hopefully not something Reed Richards considered, but decided was "something Victor would do when he was in a bad mood."

[personal profile] tcampbell1000 2017-05-18 01:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Honestly, I hope his "end New York crime" plan is as dumb an idea as that sounds, because this run has been presenting Matt's path from living openly to living Milleristically as a result of a set of GOOD decisions, and, um, I disagree with that premise.
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The Purple Man and a derivative of Doctor Doom's psycho-prism's honestly the most elegant way this could've been pulled off.

[personal profile] tcampbell1000 2017-05-18 01:10 pm (UTC)(link)
This is true.
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This makes as much sense as the Iron Man mindwipe we saw in one of his annuals. Nobody writes down information like this? Nobody has data saved on their computers or phones or whatever? It's all in everybody's head? You'd think Kingpin would have a Murdock file where he has a list of every little thing he could use against him under right circumstances.

It's just bull. At least when they put Superman's identity back in the closet they had a decent way out. This just doesn't fly with me. I'm glad I quit buying when I did.

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They way I understand it, the mindwipe doesn't simply erase your memory, they believe it is a fact that matt is not Daredevil and/or unable to piece together the information by themselves.

Every article or piece of information that says otherwise MUST be wrong because Matt is not Daredevil.
It's... Really non-sensical when you think about it but there you go

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Do you watch Doctor Who?

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Re: Do you watch Doctor Who?

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Like others here, I don't agree with how Kirsten is tossed to the curb, but I like the idea of Kilgrave's children doing the mindwipe to everyone. Unlike Mephisto and Spider-Man, it keeps Matt in character because he didn't take any deal with the devil to do it. And he also has to deal with the consequences, for good and bad. And let's face it, part of Matt's character is that he makes a LOT of dumb, irrational decisions. He's a very flawed character and it's one of the things I find interesting about him. It's one of the reason's he's my second favourite superhero.

But yeah, tossing Kirsten to the curb like that? Not cool.

Out of curiosity, how IS Soule's run in general? The last Daredevil stuff I read was Waid's run because that ended on a pretty satisfying note for me. Especially since the previous two runs, Bendis and Brubaker, both ended on cliffhangers (prison, leading The Hand). I'd been reading Daredevil since Kevin Smith's story and the way Waid's run ended, it felt like a good jumping off point for me. What I'd skimmed of Soule's stuff didn't really do it for me.
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I've only read the first volume and my assessment is the same as yours, it doesn't do much for me. It's kind of... there. I read it and felt nothing after reading it, sort of like a lot of Marvel's comics I read recently. Yep, that was certainly something.

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goddamnit Matt!