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I now understand why Black Bolt and Maximus are the way they are.
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Its amazing how much more likable the Inhumans are when the absolutely shitty parts of their culture and history aren't glossed over.
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I LOVE their maniac parents. They are over the top douchebags, and it's hilarious. And their murder was indeed a great service to society, oh sweet irony!
I also love how Ewing ties and explains these little things like Black Bolt's, erm, nickname, or the stalemate of his and Max's powers, and the difference between kings and scientists. And I love young Maximus with that crow's nest of a hair :D
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Wait, 'his brother can wreck a city by crying'? Shouldn't he be too young for terrigenesis? Or is he already a young teen when his brother is born? Or are they saying they actually chose to give those two powers from birth? Which is, yeeesh, bad idea.

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They exposed him to the mists while he was still an embryo.

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Blackagar and Maximus' parents decided to expose Black Bolt in utero, in the hopes his powers would be more potent.

So, you know. Succeeded wildly on that front.
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Yeaaaa, on the 'power' front at least.
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Before birth. ;)

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and they call Maximus mad?
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It's a patronym!
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"...Well, whose children should we experiment on?"

And that, my friends, is the line that redeems all of the other silliness of this issue.

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They really needed a kid to not experiment on to act as a control
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I dunno- consider the possible inferiority/superiority issues that might've developed from that.

At the very least, that would've had just as bad an ultimate outcome.

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Let's face it, there was no way any of this was going to go well at any point.
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I wasn't really liking the art style of the first two pages' worth of scans--costume and character designs felt very '90s, and perhaps not in a good way, but I really enjoyed the art on the latter two pages for some reason. I think the faces seemed more expressive, there, it wasn't everybody vaguely scowling. Are they all the same artist? Because that is a range of work, there.

[personal profile] onsokumaru 2017-05-19 10:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Nope, two different artists.
The one who did the flashback also did the latest GLA series, where his art looked better.
My guess is that both artist didn't have enough time to do a better job.
They both had to replace Jonboy Meyers, who was originally sollicited for this issue. Meyers was supposed to be Royal's main artist, but looks like there is some problem, since he'll also be replaced in issue #4.
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Thank you! Now I know.

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So, those are the parents? This brings Nature/Nurture to whole new levels.

In the flashback, Maximus is wearing the Neal Adams outfit from "The Kree/Skrull War."

Fun tidbit: According to some What If backup stories, the Kree were "inspired" to create the Inhumans after finding a dead Eternal. So the Inhumans are living examples of intellectual property getting stolen.