Date: 2017-05-19 02:44 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] zapbiffpow
- Getting a Dark Knight Returns vibe from the premise. #2 of that book was gold.

- The shot with the hoods coming off the Impala (I don't know cars) killed it in tandem with the music! I can see why they led with that.

- So are his kids CW Thunder and Lightning?

- Man, the voice-over seems like it came from a separate editing process / creative direction. Some of the VO lines felt exposition-y, or could've been handled by the scenes themselves.

- Considering they're going to tackle Jefferson's teaching life, The Wire 4 should be recommended viewing for the writer's room - assuming they don't have a garliced-hissing-vampire reaction from the cumulative blackness.

- The 100? Shit, Black Lightning's going to fight Clarke Griffin?

- Maybe a new logo.

- Oh, hey, Costume Jr! I no-shitting love that trope. (See: Batman Begins, Flash/Arrow, Spider-Man: Homecoming). The new costume looks a bit bulky/repressive for combat, and it feels like the 'old' costume should've been the new one, but okay.

- I liked watching OG Jay Garrick in the Flash, so it's nice to see them taking a chance with an older-gen main character. Best of luck! Now do Abigail Hunkel.
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