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Farewell to Pepe

Matt Furie did this for Fantagraphic's FCBD special.

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I really hate this crude style of art, and never understood why anyone found it funny.
But I do have a lot of sympathy for the creator. It must sting to see their creation co-opted by Nazis, and I guess getting rid of them is the only moral choice if such bad people are perverting their work.
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Yeah, he left a pretty heartfelt message when they published the last strip.

The characters in ‘Boy’s Club’ will always be a part of me. Andy the wise guy, Landwolf the party animal, Brett the fashionable dancer, and Pepe the chill frog — they are all tweaked reflections of my own values and sensibilities. Their personalities unfolded and blossomed as time went on, but just like the person in your life that you love the most, one day they will die. And death can be as beautiful as life, because it’s what makes life important.

I too always hated both the art style and the sense of humor. Never made any sense at all to me.

Nevertheless... Imagine being an artist and pouring your heart into creating a character that is a reflection of your own values and sensibilities, and then a bunch of strangers turns it into a nazi and use it as a tool to suicide-bait vulnerable minorities.
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...not trolling, I'm just wondering, why did Nazis pick a freakin' frog as their icon or whatever? There are like a million better animals.
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I think they appropriated something that was already out there on 4chan, as part of the attempt of far-right elements to exploit and take over an anonymous forum. Maybe it was a conscious effort to appeal to stoner culture. And I suppose appropriating a vaguely chicano frog is a way to rob another thing from minorities and anti-racists.
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I definitely remember when the original comic itself was a meme, which got iterated upon. Specifically from this.

And from there it's just a thing that stuck around eventually being appropriated by the Right by happenstance, and like many 4chan memes, gradually losing any connection to real meaning aside from being a tribal signifier.
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Yeah, well, it's also true that extreme right-wingers deliberately fought to take over 4chan, or at least the /pol board, and make it their own. The site started as an anime fan board. But then all these racists came in and started calling the old group insulting names for liking anime.

You know, because nobody was going to Stormfront to be indoctrinated.