Date: 2017-05-20 09:13 am (UTC)
laughing_tree: (0)
Yeah, but as a common courtesy I'd imagine they'd run the Deathstroke bits past Priest for approval first. Though with how quickly the chapters of the crossover are coming out, it's possible there wouldn't have been the time, I suppose.

"Also a major plot point from D' own book gets resolved in a Titans issue - Couldn't they have waited and then let Priest handle it"

Considering how far long they've been planning the crossover -- at least since the issue where Deathstroke was reading about a "new Flash" in prison -- that major plot point wouldn't have wound up being resolved in Titans unless that had been the plan. If Priest wanted otherwise, there was more than enough time to plan things out differently, whether by ending the last Deathstroke arc an issue earlier or by saving the whole plot for after the crossover or whatever. So I doubt this is happening because of a crossover blindsiding anyone or bad timing but because it's actually part of the plan.
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