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In light of some of the recent Joker posts and discussions on his sanity and morality (or lack thereof) and the ethics of Batman keeping him alive I decided to revisit what I consider to be one of the definitive Joker stories.

This was a four-parter from Legends of the Dark Knight that ran from #66 to #68 by J.M. DeMatteis and Joe Staton.

So Joker's up to his old tricks again, only this time he manages to get the upper hand on the Batman.



So naturally Gotham City is concerned that both the Joker and Batman are missing with reports that Joker might have finally killed Bats.

Outside his new apartment, 'Joker' bumps into a young woman.

Rebecca knows from 'Joseph' that he's taking pills for a skin condition and that he's struggled with a mental illness in the past. This doesn't concern her, as she's never been happier with anyone else.

Joseph's dreams, meanwhile, are haunted by horrific manifestations of the Joker and Batman, attempting to claw their way back to the surface. The Joker persona almost surfaces after hearing about him on the news, and he breaks down laughing in the elevator.

As Rebecca hopes that whatever demons were haunting Joseph have gone away for good, Alfred visits the Batcave and discovers that Batman is back.


"We - keep - coming - back."

A lot of the issue, which I'm not posting, focuses on what happened to Batman when he was washed up ashore and found by the doctor. It's a mirror to the Joker's storyline; she doesn't know who Batman is, and there's sort of a romance there as we see a different life that Bruce could lead away from his role as Batman. But it's revealed that she knew all along and encourages him to go back to Gotham.

Finally, #68...

So Batman hears that the Joker has returned, and this time he has kidnapped a Gotham councilwoman.

We flashback to see 'Joseph' and Rebecca in happier times...

So Joker takes the councilwoman hostage on a 'honeymoon' but is pursued by Batman. Joker tells Batman he's not going to let him take Rebecca away from him.

Batman thinks to himself that for a moment he saw something tender in Joker's eyes, but whatever it was, it's gone.

Joker attempts to blow up the boat and escape via a jetpack, but Batman grabs him and the two fall into the ocean. Batman saves his nemesis from drowning and takes him to the helicopter.

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