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I haven't been here in so long! So long. But I've come back with some fun little fan comics made by the creator of the Manly Guys webcomic.

This is the good stuff. 

For anybody who isn't familiar with Overwatch, the comically intense super edgy dude is Reaper (or at least his past identity, Gabriel Reyes). The running joke is that his aesthetic is somewhere between 2003 Hot Topic goth and 90s buckles and belts comicbook antihero, and we all know him as an edgelord who takes himself just a bit too seriously. 

This is a shippy fancomic between his archnemesis™  and former colleague/friend/partner in worldsaving Soldier76, or Jack Morrison. It was supposed to be a twofer silly comic that coelasquid, the creator, just popped out for fun. It turned into an epic, 40-page love story with ridiculous jokes ala Manly Guys, with lots of fun sexual tension and "bros being bros" trying to confess to a deeper love beyond brohood. 


It's ridiculous, fun, absolutely worth the read, not just for the comic but also for the commentary coelasquid leaves in every page. 

You can find the full comic here

It's an absolute joy and you will not regret reading it, even if you don't know a lot about Overwatch. 

Bonus page: 

Just bros being bros.

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