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It was two months after the same kind of thing'd been done in Doctor Strange.

It was The Mighty Thor #7, part two and the conclusion of " The Strongest Viking There Is ".

It was during Thor's second round with the titular dragon-blood-empowered pawn of Loki's.

The God of Mischief told the flashback to 896 A.D.

" The ground quaked for miles. The seas swelled and crashed. Thunder shook the skies all over the world. "

The battle and the story flew onto land.

The battle concluded, Thor's opponent punched through the Earth and Loki having vanished in a cloud of spite.

The story concluded too, in the present day.

Loki took who he'd been telling the tale to- Dario Agger of Roxxon- to a cave with a dragon.

Soldiers of Roxxon killed the dragon.

(Dario's doing this because he wants insurance in his dealings with the accursed Malekith.)

(The concept of a corporate-backed church using Asgardian imagery is an amusing 2099 echo.

Flashback art and colors're Rafa Garrés. Present day art's Russell Dauterman, present day colors're Matthew Wilson.)
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