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I really don't like Otto's new look. Him being that short guy with the goofy bowl cut made him a far more distinctive character.
Plus, with how he grew as a character in Superior Spider-Man, am I the only one a bit disappointed that he's gone right back to super-villainy as though nothing happened?
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he still kinda has the bowl cut.... besides... Otto IS smart... but he has always seen himself as.... Superior.... though he DID admit Peter was the Superior spider man (now he's like, I am embracing who I am... and I am DOCTOR OCTOPUS!) or something to that effect.
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Right, but this Doc Ock doesn't remember admitting Peter was the Superior Spider-Man. He made a back up of his memories before that.
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But this isn't the same Doc Ock that had that epiphany, he doesn't have the memories of when he willingly gave Peter his body back.

Plus after spending time in Peter's body, it makes sense he grew attached to his powers.

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To be fair, his current body is a clone of Peter Parker (if I recall correctly), which might explain the lack of his usual appearance.
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Completely unrelated to the scans, but I need to ask something: is Peter currently dating someone that isn't Mary Jane? Homecoming made me want to start following SM again but, as a big Peter/Mary Jane shipper, I refuse to support any other relationship. I rather follow a single Peter. So I need to know what is the situation.

PS: Can someone give me me a rundown of who Peter was involved in the last few years?
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Not Mary Jane and MJ is currently a supporting character in the Iron Man books anyway.

Currently they're teasing Spidey and Mockingbird might hook up and Spectacular Spider-Man is teasing Spidey hooking up with a comedian.

But no MJ, she hasn't really been a part of the Spidey books since the Iron Jane thing.

However, there's good news for a fan like yourself. There's Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, which stars a still married Spider-Man fighting crime with MJ and their daughter Anna May Parker.
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I would try RYV it's pretty much the only good Spider-man comic out with Peter and MJ and their daughter Annie.
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Peter: Who are you? Otto: I am a shadow...the true self! Peter: You mean the video game Shadowman? Otto: NO! I am your better self! Peter: Ben Riley? You're alive again? Otto: ...
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Yup, Peter Parker is a dumbass, as proven by the way Ock keeps going "Yeah, I built your company, I manipulated the stock market, you cribbed Webware from the Spider-Verse event, I've been watching you..." and Peter still tries to use PI tech against him.
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You have to remember pet characters or Slott's creation must be shown flawless because Slott is always right.