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Justice League of America #9: "The Man from Monster Valley," Part Two

"My version of Tarzan would skip the racism and be about him being a strange dude that suckled from an ape breast & eats raw." - Steve Orlando

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Ray's response to Batman is kind of insane as Makson never expressed regret or willingness to chance. The sole reason he didn't kill his family was that JLA stopped him, and I'm not even going to touch on the fact that the whole team was needed to stop a Tarzan analogue.

So why exactly should Batman have been about giving Makson a second chance as there was nothing approaching remorse there to begin with.

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I think the real matter of discussion would actually be "trust". do they "trust" him when he tells them "I don't care for the outside world. I am more than willing to stay here and protect it from invaders"? And then the discussion would be on wether Batman can really judge when he is always asking for people to trust him.
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"Jeez, Bruce, I mean... you're pretty territorial about your valley of monsters and awfulness, there, why can't he be?"
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This artist should be made aware that doing the "blank white eyeballs" thing while also showing the skin around the eyes makes the characters look hella creepy.
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I was coming down here to say something about that myself. Ick.
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So, if Makson stopped short of committing murder then where did the blood in his apartment come from? Convenient blood drive upstairs made a convenient plunder with their stock?
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I think it might have been him killing his meat like he would have been used to back home, or perhaps he was hitting himself (but that's a lot of blood for hitting yourself).
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Which Ray is this?

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Okay, I'm pretty much sold. I'm starting to think the reason Batman seems a bit... um... emotionally unsophisticated here is because he's playing a longer game than anyone thinks, but even if that's not the case, the other characters feel very much right.
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this reminds me of the Animated Series episode where Dick is all pissed at Bruce for not giving a shit. and then finds out he hired one of the thugs he interrogated and gave him a job at Wayne enterprises. Like eventually you'll find out he's been giving people chances. (didn't he let the guy who was doing Aegis' tech a job in the hall of justice? Did Ray not notice that.?)

while I sympathize with Ray... I think he's still waaay too naïve... he doesn't need to come down to batman's level of mistrust (Which is NEVER as low as people think it is) but he can't STAY on his current level.